Primigenio Estudio

Is a Software Company centered in the development of Video Games,
always looking for new canvases to enrich our products.

The team

Cristian Brevis @nocthulh

Founder and actual I+D Director, also he is the one in charge of our graphic technologies.

Fernando de Peña

 Without discussion he is our Spiritual Leader, we don’t move a finger on our company if we don’t have his approval.

Manuel del Valle @manudelvalle

Our own Audiovisual Game Designer / Writer, a new skill set that we plan on making the trend in our galactic market.

Marcos Goldfarb @estropajo

His daytime jobs consists in design game mechanics and edit maps and stages, in the night, he blow minds in his acting gigs.

Diego Marín @dharmarin

He is in charge of the Marketing Department, some of the company Finances and some other crazy stuff.

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Client Testimonials

  • Primigenio is currently preparing for the summer solstice with the actual winter trends

  • "Electric Pink"
    Our most advanced game project, soon we will show you what we are capable of.

  • "Joust"
    Currently on pre-production stage, this game mixes ambitions and dreams, which will make your senses, go wild.

  • "Tesla"
    Our first and most ambitious Project, and currently locked under seven keys. We will keep in touch as soon as we have development news.


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